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Quality is not an act, it’s a habit. – Aristotle. We ensure that products conform to customers’ quality standards with service levels to match. Industry is the soul of business and the keystone of prosperity. – Charles Dickens\ All grower, buyer and logistics relationships must be a win-win.

Building partnership models which are long lasting, scalable and transformative, and which create shared value will be key



The growth of our company may never have any influence on the way we are working, because involvement in the chain and taking care of our customers and growers is a what we are all about.

From the field to the shelf We take pride in the strong work relationships we have with our clients; a relationship based on our ability to offer continuity in supply, quality and size of our produce. From small retailers through global chains

LLC Alfa-Servise delivers fruits, vegetables grown with care directly from the source of many countries such as Peru, Argentina, Chile, India, Egypt, Morocco, Pakistan, South Africa. We have been one of the leaders in the fruits importing business in Russia for the past 25 years, growing every year.

Our fruits come only from the best growing areas and are sun-drenched and rich in delicious taste.

We import from over 23 countries all over the world, and over 35 items. Despite this considerable amount, every single fruit is still special to us. They are living things. They need lots of special attention, expertise, craftsmanship, and most of all, a green thumb. Years of research into our own exclusive varieties, careful selection of the best fruit in the fields and ideal harvest times are a matter of course for us for our long-term growing partners and us.

Our Partners

Alfa-Servise offers a wide range of fresh, flavoursome fruit. With such a varied selection, there’s something for everyone. Sweet and juicy or crisp and crunchy, our fruit is always healthy and delicious. Fruit makes a convenient snack and an excellent way to get your vitamins. Here you can find out more about the vitamin content of different types of fruit. Fresh fruit is a recipe for health!

Fresh Fruit